Ultrasonic Dishwasher - Malaysia

Ultrasonic dishwashers use the principle of ultrasonic atomization ion cleaning: when ultrasonic waves pass through a liquid medium, it will press the liquid medium to vibrate at a very high frequency, causing the liquid molecules to generate alternating positive and negative shock waves. When the sound intensity reaches a certain value, tiny cavitation bubbles grow rapidly in the liquid and close instantly, producing strong micro-explosions and shock waves that destroy the dirt on the surface of the object to be cleaned and fall off from the surface to be cleaned. Although the effect of each cavitation bubble is not large, there are hundreds of millions of cavitation bubbles acting on it every second, which has a good cleaning effect.

1. Power saving, water saving, low noise
Because ultrasonic dishwashers do not need motors, water pumps, high-pressure water, circulating water, and movement and rotation of mechanisms, everything is done only by the quiet vibration of water molecules, so the machine has low noise and saves energy. Water and electricity saving.
2. The dishwasher has a simple structure and a long service life
Because the water molecule vibration generated by ultrasonic waves is used to wash dishes, it does not need the spray arm rotation mechanism and water stirring impeller mechanism of traditional dishwashers, let alone pumps, motors, circulating water systems, etc., so the structure is much simpler and produces There is also much less chance of failure, and maintenance and after-sales service are simple.
3. No need for special detergent
Traditional dishwashers mainly rely on the chemical cleaning effect of special detergents, while ultrasonic dishwashers do not need detergents in principle. Adding detergent also plays an auxiliary degreasing effect, and there is no special requirement for detergent.
4. High cleanliness and no dead angle
Ultrasonic dishwashers use high-frequency vibration water to clean, with high cleanliness and no dead corners that cannot be cleaned. It is especially suitable for cleaning Chinese tableware. Ultrasonic washing saves water, electricity, and low noise.

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09 Feb 2023